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Chapter 436 Just Dance

  • The moment Sophia heard that, she cracked up. This is exactly how Logan should be! In just a split second, the soft, soothing music turned into something upbeat and noisy.
  • As everyone stared at each other in bewilderment, unsure of what was going on, Logan removed his jacket and tie. With the buttons on his shirt and sleeves undone, he dived onto the dance floor.
  • The room suddenly turned dark as waiters went over to the windows by the dance floor and closed the curtains. Then, the lights came on, turning the place into the sort of dance floor in a bar.
  • Without a doubt, Logan didn’t know anything about ballroom dancing; he only knew some club moves. While the onlookers were still confused, he was already dancing without any structure and just as he liked.
  • Some of them who were drunk applauded him and some others—probably due to the influence of alcohol—joined him on the dance floor as well after taking off their jackets and ties. They had also undid the buttons on their shirts and sleeves.
  • As long as someone made a headstart in this sort of thing, somebody else would follow suit. When there was a first, then the second and third would come. After some clamoring, all the men in the room, except John, were already on the dance floor.
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