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Chapter 428 Banquet Begins

  • However, Kate had a smile on her face, so she seemed quite spirited. Sophia examined Kate before moving closer to John. “She seems to be of the same age as your grandmother.”
  • By that point, John already stood up. “She’s older than my grandmother.”
  • Kate showed up to thank her guests for attending the event, which she then followed up with more pleasantries. Also, she told them to go get the food that was served at the rear end of the venue. It was about time to let the banquet begin as a lot of the guests arrived early in the morning without having breakfast.
  • Sophia, John and Logan walked up to the tables as soon as it began, while Old Mr. Jefferson and Old Mrs. Constance gathered around the same table, leaving the youngsters to their own separate tables.
  • As Logan was the one who brought Sophia along, she followed him to the table while John tagged along. Upon witnessing that, Sophia turned to ask John, “Why are you following me?”
  • John responded with a frown on his face. “I am not following you but Logan. What’s wrong with that?”
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