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Chapter 424 Night of the Party

  • Sophia let out a chuckle before remarking, “I was searching for Isabelle a while ago. She’s also a disciplined young lady, but I can’t seem to find her anywhere too, so perhaps...” Despite not finishing her sentence, her smile seemed to indicate that John and Isabelle might’ve snuck away together.
  • However, the mention of John reminded Sophia of what he did to her last night, as well as of her dream, which made her sulk. “It’s better if they’re not around. I don’t want to see them anyway.”
  • Meanwhile, Logan was still mumbling to himself in a low voice about the Morgan siblings. Afterall, he was a petty person, so he wouldn’t feel satisfied until he had gotten rid of them. Sophia merely grunted in agreement. After a while, he was still pushing on the swing from behind, but Logan had ceased his chatter altogether.
  • “Logan? Why are you so quiet?” asked Sophia.
  • He merely grunted in response. “I should stop talking about those two, as it only makes me feel worse.” There was some truth to his words, as he had better things to do than talk about the Morgan siblings.
  • After heaving a sigh, Sophia said, “To be honest, I would prefer to spend my birthdays alone with my closest friends and family rather than throwing a party. This is just too much of a bother.”
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