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Chapter 423 Making an Impression

  • Sophia didn’t get a good night’s sleep, as she had a dream that night of her and John having sex. While she knew she was dreaming, as well as it was because of that kiss from John, she was still frustrated, but she couldn’t wake up from the dream. It wasn’t until she received a phone call from the makeup artist in the morning that she was able to wake from it. Then, she cursed under her breath after she did.
  • The makeup artist did Sophia’s makeup according to her gown before she began working on setting her hair. The end result gave Sophia an allure to her. With her red gown on, coupled by her makeup, Sophia had a feeling that she seemed different from her past self, as she looked sexy, which was a look that she liked.
  • After the makeup artist left, Logan gave her a call to inform her that he was on his way, to which Sophia grunted in response. “I’m done with the preparations, so I’m waiting for you.”
  • Logan’s driver drove him to Sophia’s place. When the car stopped before her house, she ran toward the car. Her appearance startled Logan, who began making exclamations, to which she arched a brow at. “I must look stunning.”
  • With a nod in agreement, Logan complimented, “You have always been a beauty, but you never left an impression on people. However, I have to admit that I have underestimated you. I wonder how could John possibly let you go.”
  • Upon having John's name being mentioned, Sophia shot Logan a glare. “I don’t want to hear that jerk’s name.”
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