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Chapter 419 Getting Away With It

  • The two attendants cried out to Tom that the police had arrived, which stirred the pot, creating an opening for the attendants to enter the room. Upon realizing what the gang was up to, the attendants quickly retreated to another room, only to see Tom and his gang barging into every single room in the backyard.
  • They left the drugs in conspicuous spots in the various rooms, but fortunately, both attendants made a swift countermove by searching the rooms that Tom and his gang entered to retrieve the drugs, then tucked them into a big tank behind the opera theater, which helped Logan to stay out of trouble. Otherwise, the police would’ve found the drugs when they did their search, which would be used as proof against Logan.
  • Due to their quick thinking, the two attendants who Logan used to play games with were given a hefty reward. Logan was happy to have such bright people as his mates. However, he told Zack none of those, brushing the latter’s question off by saying that Leah tarnished his reputation even further, which he wouldn’t tolerate.
  • Regardless of what Logan thought, Zack reminded him, “You’d better ask Tom about who instructed him to commit such a felony, just to listen to what he says, if nothing else.”
  • Logan gave a noncommittal hum before replying, “Alright, I get what you mean. I am grateful to you and John for your help. I know what I should do next.”
  • In the meantime, Tom was still behind bars. He might even be forcefully sent for rehabilitation since he seemed to have been into drugs for a while. Upon mention of his name, Logan couldn’t help but feel the urge to want to kill him. However, he could neither meet Tom, nor did he want to have anything to do with his own family since his family wouldn’t have known anything anyway.
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