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Chapter 417 The Blind Side

  • Sophia posted a photo of herself with a facial mask on. It was a rather thin mask, so John could see her features through it. The photo showed John a side of Sophia that he never got to see, so he spent a long time just staring at it. She looked like a teenage girl who made a cheeky face while with a mask on. Such a gesture would make anybody’s heart skip a beat, but it was more because they were being attracted by her liveliness than wanting a romance with her.
  • A chuckle slipped out of John’s lips after staring at it for a long while. That silly girl didn’t know I added her as my friend again. She will definitely be put at a disadvantage if she continues to be so unalert.
  • John went through her previous posts, which were all viewable to the public, so he went through her photos from when she was still living with the Constances. Although she seemed less happy, her posts seemed to retain a level of positivity. She took photos of the sky, the garden, as well as the sunrise, but there were no photos of herself, or anybody else, as a matter of fact. Nor did anybody from the Constance Family make an appearance in her collection of photos.
  • There was a tinge of regret within John after he went through all of them. Perhaps it was because of the realization that he had about how hard Sophia had been trying to live, but the Constances were blind to it. He set his phone aside, then lay down on bed before switching the lights off.
  • He was busy during the coming few days, so he didn’t have time to meet up with Sophia. They didn’t even send each other a text, as if they had cut contact with each other. All the calls John received were from an overly-eager Logan, who made multiple calls a day to inquire on the progress of the investigation.
  • However, John didn’t complain about it, instead convinced Logan to wait with patience, as more time was needed to ensure a thorough investigation was conducted. In short, it wouldn’t do if a mistake was made.
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