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Chapter 416 Forewarning

  • The possibility of having someone pass a message for them didn’t sound feasible, as while the siblings weren’t much capable themselves, they looked down upon others, so they always opted to do things on their own instead of trusting someone else with their tasks. If they were trying to frame Logan, they would definitely meet with Tom Poole in person.
  • With a hum, John hung up the call. He returned to his room while pondering what Logan told him about the conflict not only with the Morgans, but with Isabelle as well. However, John didn’t believe that Isabelle would do anything out of line. While it wasn’t out of trust in her character, he knew her as a smart person who knew the importance of avoiding suspicion. No matter how much she abhorred Logan, she wouldn’t do that at this point in time.
  • After casting his phone on the bed, John turned to leave for the shower. When he came back out, the phone was lit up, indicating that he had a new message. He checked on it to see a message from Isabelle asking if he would be present during Kate Blackwell’s birthday party, to which he gave a reply in the affirmative.
  • Then his phone immediately rang with a call from Isabelle. Over the phone, she told him that she received an invitation, thus would like to know what time John would be leaving for the event and if he would want to attend it alongside her. A frown formed on John’s face as he knew he should be avoiding Isabelle. He could still recall what William told him.
  • However, his hesitance was obvious enough of a reply to Isabelle, to which she responded with a smile. “It’s alright if you have prior engagements, as I can always go with my father. The only downside to that would be I would have less to talk about with him than with someone around my age.” Upon witnessing his silence on the matter, Isabelle added on, “We will go to the venue separately. If anything else arises during the occasion, we can always meet up at the venue.”
  • John gave her a nonchalant hum, through which Isabelle could detect he didn’t possess a lot of zest in him. After some pleasantries, she was about to hang up, but John called out to her with something else in mind, saying, “Miss Bailey.”
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