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Chapter 414 The Three Types of Couples

  • Sophia had one hand on Logan’s arm, while the other hand kept on sliding down his back in an effort to placate him. The distance between them was minimal, which, in John’s opinion, was a sight for sore eyes. Thus, he adjusted his position on the sofa before asking, “Logan, what did Lorraine say?”
  • A shudder traveled down Logan’s spine while he sat up in his seat as soon as his sister’s name was mentioned, which put some distance between him and Sophia, as his reaction prompted Sophia to sit up as well.
  • Logan wore a morose look on his face as he answered, “Lorraine told me not to show myself in front of her, or else she won’t guarantee that she won’t beat the crap out of me.”
  • There was a smile on John’s face when he heard what Logan said, while Logan was still feeling disgruntled about his own dilemma. “John, you have to help me out. Launch an investigation to find out the perpetrator, then tell me if the Baileys were involved. I’ll make sure that the two b*tches suffer if they are behind this!”
  • John was unfazed by Logan’s request. “Worry not, as Sophia was almost dragged into what happened today, so I will definitely look into this even without you asking.”
  • Meanwhile, Logan seemed to have missed out on the added layer of meaning in his words while nodding in agreement to what John said. “I knew I could count on you! You’re the one that makes me feel safe!”
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