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Chapter 411 Someone to Turn To

  • While it was true that Logan was used to being arrested, he was unhappy about it. Despite having used to be a part of the problem whenever he was detained, he was implicated by others this time, which made him extremely unhappy. He looked at John before saying, “I’ll be back in a bit.”
  • No comment was made by John when Logan was ushered away, while all he did was bring Sophia and Ian to Sophia’s house. With what happened, Logan’s clubhouse would definitely be forced to close down. Meanwhile, Sophia was still in a daze when she sat in the car, all the while figuring that being by Logan’s side sure opened her eyes up to the world. It was her first time ever witnessing such an incident.
  • It wasn’t until a while later when he was driving that Zack asked Sophia, “What happened just now? Was it some sort of scheme?”
  • Neither was Sophia able to explain things. “I don’t know. Logan invited us to his clubhouse for some games, so we went. That group of people were already in the backyard when we arrived, but none of us went to check on them, so we didn’t know anything about what happened.”
  • John turned to look out of the window with a frown, but the tone in which he spoke sounded casual. “It’s alright, the Jeffersons will be there soon, so things will turn out to be fine. However, the guy who was carried away seemed to be a member of the Poole Family.”
  • After some thought, Zack replied, “I think so, but his face was smeared with blood while being carried away, so I couldn’t get a good look at him.”
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