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Chapter 395 Logan Calls

  • There wasn’t anything important happening, but after thinking through things for a while, he texted Logan.
  • At the same time, he was playing poker in his clubhouse with three of the waiters. Logan wondered if they were letting him win on purpose or if they were truly stupid. Either way, winning too easily doused his motivation. He would always get whatever card he wanted, so the game was pointless.
  • When Logan received the text, he waved the waiters away, much to their gratitude. They quickly left the room, rejoicing in this mercy. Then, Logan read the text and sent a voice message. ‘Yeah, I’m going with my old man. Are you going too?’ Logan was an impatient man, and he called John after sending the message. This guy never texted me first. This is a surprise.
  • It didn’t take long for John to pick it up.
  • Logan leaned back against the chair. “Didn’t expect you to ask me that. What? You want to be my partner for the banquet? Sorry, but we’re both guys. It’s going to disgust everyone, and I have a partner already, so you have to look for someone else.”
  • John was still thinking about how he should ask who his partner was when Logan told him about it, so he took the chance. “You have a partner? Who is it?”
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