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Chapter 391 The Call With Zack

  • All the renovations were done, save for some details. Sophia then went outside and looked at the sign above the shop. She had decided to call the shop ‘No Response.’
  • That sounds perfectly sad. Sophia chuckled. After walking around for a while, she went home and took a bath. When she came out, someone commented on her post on Facebook. Not long ago, she posted a picture of her shop, and Zack popped up to show support at the first chance, but this time, the comment had nothing to do with the post. ‘I can’t believe you did that,’ he commented.
  • Sophia didn’t understand what he meant. She took no part in the renovation, so the comment wasn’t related to that, and she was sure of it. A moment later, she texted Zack to ask what he meant, and it took about one second for him to respond with a phone call. Sophia took it, though she was surprised.
  • Shortly after, she could hear the smile in his voice. “I didn’t know you can do that, Sophia.”
  • That sounded more like a praise than mockery, much to Sophia’s surprise. “Did I do anything?”
  • Zack clicked his tongue. “You don’t know? Fine, I’ll tell you, then, but keep it a secret. This is only for your ears.”
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