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Chapter 385 A Normal Day

  • Logan froze up. He was brash, but he wasn’t stupid. If he did anything to Matilda, his dad would kill him.
  • After he shut up, Sophia said, “Let him go. I don’t want any trouble.”
  • Logan gasped. “But I’m doing this for you. Man, you’re ungrateful. Everyone knows my temper. If anyone tries to hurt my friend, they can get out of the city.”
  • Sophia didn’t deny that, for him protecting Ian was evidence enough. He even went to Morgan Residence to help Ian. Chuckling, Sophia said, “Logan, I would have walloped him back then if I wanted to. Are cards all you can think of? At least look before you leap.”
  • Logan snorted. Before he could say anything, Husky bellowed, “Please, Sophia! I’m sorry! I won’t do it again! Save me! I can’t take it anymore!”
  • Sophia frowned. “Aren’t you annoyed? Let him go. My eardrums are popping.”
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