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Chapter 384 Logan Calls

  • “Let’s not get worked up. I’m tired, and I don’t want to fight,” he said calmly. “Mom, there’s a price to pay for anything you do. Take what you did for example. Putting aside our family, do you think Sophia’s going to let you off the hook after what you did? If you get involved, our family’s going to get dragged into this, and by extension, the company. Think about the domino effect that will happen, the PR disaster, and the things that you have to face.”
  • Matilda’s mouth formed a comical O. That idea never crossed her mind, for she never thought anything two steps ahead; she never had, and she never would.
  • John smiled. “Grandma’s angry because you sabotaged the whole family. We were close to being snapped into oblivion.”
  • Matilda blinked, saying nothing. However, the look of realization on her face told John she knew what went wrong.
  • John patted her shoulder. “Mom, talk to Dad. This is between you two, so nobody can or should interfere.”
  • That was a wake-up call for Matilda. Now that she thought about it, they had been interfering with John’s marriage all this time. His grandfather insisted on him marrying Sophia, then he died. After that, she became a saboteur in John’s relationship with Sophia. Matilda was clear that the bad state of their relationship was largely thanks to her. And now, her son was telling her nobody could interfere with her marriage. I’m a joke.
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