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Chapter 381 Reluctance of Matilda

  • When she came back earlier, Belinda told William what she did. He most likely expected that, so he didn’t object. Instead, he stayed quiet. Belinda noticed he looked sad, but she knew he must be tired of this marriage too. The problems weren’t new, and he had endured it for a long while now.
  • Matilda shut up.
  • Looking at her, Belinda said, “William’s not here today. Go back to your room if you want to stay the night.” Matilda stood up a moment later, her expression still defiant.
  • Belinda sighed. Even now, she still thinks she’s right.
  • When she went back to her bedroom, aside from the things she took with her, it still looked the same. She went to sit on the sofa, her mind buzzing. Belinda made it clear that William had decided to divorce her. At the thought of that, she covered her face in horror, unwilling to think about how her life would be like after the divorce.
  • Her family wouldn’t take her back. They were already complaining when she only moved back for two days, but she couldn’t live alone either, for she would bump into people she knew. It would be impossible for her to face them, and she’d have to give them a wide berth, just like when she met Jessica earlier.
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