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Chapter 375 Believe Me

  • As Sophia had misunderstood John, she darted a glare at him. “Why? Do you mean to tell me that I shouldn’t bring this up because I wasn’t hurt?”
  • Blinking his eyes, John exclaimed, “That’s not what I meant.”
  • Seeing that, Ian rose up from his seat. “If it wasn’t me who found out about it, that person would have already succeeded.”
  • Agreeing to the statement, Sophia chimed in, “Exactly! Ian noticed there was someone in my room and warned me about it. Otherwise, I would have been the one who got beaten up.”
  • Pulling a long face, Sophia complained, “Your mother had caused me a lot of troubles. Admittedly, she lost out to me a couple of times, but I can assure you—she was the one who started it every single time. So what if she can’t win against me? Does that mean she can backstab me?”
  • Taking in a deep breath, John said, “Let me handle this. I’ll promise to give you an explanation on this and I won’t brush it off.”
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