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Chapter 374 I Have the Final Say

  • Clicking his tongue, Logan huffed, “I’ve heard that something happened, so I came over.”
  • No surprise here, I guess. It had to be the driver who told Logan, but there was probably some information missed while delivering the message. Anyhow, Logan isn’t the crucial matter for now. Gesturing toward John’s direction with her chin, Sophia said, “Husky, go on! You can tell Young Master John about what you just said.”
  • Lifting an eyebrow, Logan asked, “What’s your name again?”
  • Darting a glare at Logan, Sophia snapped, “Sit down aside and zip it!”
  • After glancing at Sophia, Husky obediently admitted his mistakes in front of John. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have allowed myself to be blinded by money. I should have listened to my conscience, and I shouldn’t have taken extreme measures for money...”
  • Feeling her anger spiking, Sophia intended to reach out for the stick again. “Get to the point!”
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