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Chapter 365 Come Over to My House

  • The driver was a touch reluctant. “I don’t dare go against Mr. Constance’s orders.” John was usually taciturn and rather aloof in nature, so people around him generally had a healthy fear of him. He was the kind of person who rarely spoke unnecessarily, and his decisions were final without needing anyone to help him change his mind.
  • After staring at John for a while, Sophia sighed. “Never mind, then. You’re not in my territory anyway, so just stay if you’d like to.” After saying that, she then sashayed away.
  • When she’d left, John, who was in the car, slowly opened his eyes. His eyes were slightly red, but they still appeared lucid.
  • Meanwhile, the driver then climbed back into the car after some time. However, he didn’t glance over his shoulder at John, merely taking out his cell phone and surfing the Internet for gossip.
  • At first, John stared at the back of the front seat. Then, he slowly turned his head and gazed in the direction of Sophia’s house. The door to Sophia’s house was opened, but he couldn’t make out who was inside since it was quite a distance away. A car was parked in her courtyard, but the fence blocked its view, so he couldn’t see it clearly either. It’s probably Ian. At this, he heaved a sigh.
  • Nonetheless, John didn’t stay long. When Sophia went back to the window after going through her driving test questions, his car was already gone. He has probably left.
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