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Chapter 363 Are You of Age?

  • The person on the other end didn’t suspect anything amiss. As John walked past Focker, he could vaguely hear the other person reminding him not to drink too much and to watch out for his health. Focker fervently concurred, yet when he raised his eyes to look at John, he had a smirk on his face.
  • John snickered as well, sitting down while he waited for Focker to end his phone call. Mrs. Wolfe was quite a long-winded person, nagging for a long time before she hung up. After hanging up the phone, impatience instantly showed on Focker’s face. “Women are just garrulous!”
  • John chuckled. “It’s nice that someone cares.” After saying this, he abruptly remembered that Sophia used to call him back when they just got married. It seemed that every time she called, he was drinking while entertaining. She was a tad cautious when she called, merely reminding him to drink less. At that time, they actually weren’t all that close, so he felt rather perturbed at her word of caution, finding it discomfiting. Having no one to remind him now, however, an inexplicable feeling of envy flooded him.
  • Taking out his cell phone, he opened Facebook again and re-sent Sophia a friend request. He’d never done such a thing before, nor did he understand what was wrong with himself now. Now, he just felt a tad restless and inexplicably agitated, having the urge to do something, yet not knowing what to do.
  • Focker had long since finished eating, so John suggested that they adjourn to the next destination. There was a car waiting downstairs, and they got in together. When the car had started moving, he happened to spot Ian and his entourage leaving the restaurant through the rear-view mirror. This fella is going over to Sophia’s place when he’s done here. Why on earth is he going there, reeking of alcohol and cigarette smoke? His expression went glacial.
  • The car drove along leisurely before finally coming to a stop in front of a hotel. A touch puzzled, Focker turned to look at John. Chuckling, John said, “I’ve already booked a room, so you don’t need to register with your name.” At this, Focker breathed a sigh of relief.
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