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Chapter 357 Issued a Statement

  • A prideful man such as John will naturally find it chafing, so he’s probably feeling resentful. Hence, he’ll be a touch reluctant to let me go. For that reason, it’s normal that he’s pestering me now.
  • Sophia then put down her cell phone and applied some skincare products. When she was just about to lay down to sleep, a phone call came in from John again. After a moment’s contemplation, she answered the call. Before she could say anything, John blurted, “Sorry, wrong number.”
  • Such a dumb excuse and lousy acting skills had her almost bursting into laughter. Mild exasperation flooded her. “Since it’s a wrong number, I’m hanging up.”
  • On the other end, John hurriedly interjected, “Wait a moment!”
  • “What is it?”
  • John pursed his lips for a long while before asking, “What were you doing just now?”
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