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Chapter 353 Almost Kissed

  • When Logan had said that, he shook his head. “Rumor has it that she lay into them and gave them hell, cursing the woman’s parents as well.” When the woman came back upon learning of the uproar at home, she happened to bump into Matilda who was still quite slender and agile at that time. Going up to her, Matilda then grabbed her hair and hit her violently. That woman probably knew that she was in the wrong, so she didn’t fight back nor say a single word, merely taking the beating silently. Without waiting for William to come over, Matilda then left.
  • She was elegant during both her entry and exit. Even when she was hitting the woman, she tried her best to maintain her image and didn’t allow herself to become too disheveled. Judging from this matter, she’s actually a woman who’s quite swift and resolute. I don’t know what was discussed between William and her when she went back, but William then cut off all ties with that woman.
  • After thinking for a while, Sophia said, “The woman deserved a beating, but she shouldn’t have dragged her parents into it.” This is precisely her problem. She just has to involve the person’s parents. This was also something for which she disdained her.
  • Logan stared at her. “Therefore, you’re truly admirable to have beaten her up.”
  • Sophia’s brows creased slightly. “Actually, I don’t care how she rides roughshod over others at Constance Residence. However, I can’t tolerate it when she comes to my territory and criticizes me, even going so far as to hit me. I’m not a mellow person, nor was I born to be bullied by others.”
  • Logan nodded in agreement with her remark. “Exactly! I’m of the same opinion. I’m born to enjoy life. Otherwise, why would I make a trip into the world? To suffer and put up with mistreatment? No way!”
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