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Chapter 351 A Dumb Excuse

  • All at once, John was rendered speechless. This thought of Sophia’s actually echoed his back then. However, a person’s thoughts often changed although he himself didn’t quite understand when the change in him transpired.
  • Sophia didn’t want to listen to his jabbering. After all, they both knew that some things were useless to speak of. Thus, she said, “I’ll be hanging up if there’s nothing else.” Without giving John any time to react, she outright hung up on him. Placing her cell phone aside, she let out a sigh of relief. Wow! I feel much more relaxed after saying that!
  • After having napped for a while earlier, it was now dusk. She was hungry, but she truly didn’t feel like moving. Hence, she snagged her cell phone. Instead of calling for takeaway, she called Logan back.
  • Logan answered in no time. “Sophia.”
  • Sophia hummed in acknowledgment before declaring, “I’m starving. Come over to my house with some food.”
  • “You’re looking for me just because you want food? Don’t you know how to call for delivery if you’re hungry?” Logan groused.
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