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Chapter 345 Lodged a Police Report

  • Matilda's sobbing ceased, but after a moment’s contemplation, she continued crying. Closing his eyes for a moment, William chided, “Stop crying. What’s the use of crying?” He emphasized every single word as he spoke. His voice was mild, but one could hear that he was a tad livid. Knowing that he was still peeved about the incident back then, Matilda blinked and slowly stopped weeping.
  • Again, John asked, “Why did you come here?”
  • Sniffling, Matilda replied, “I was just thinking that those rumors on the Internet are affecting you badly, so I came over to ask for her help in issuing a statement to clarify things. Then, the matter will be resolved.”
  • At this time, Sophia turned back without saying a single word.
  • John glanced at Matilda. Although Sophia isn’t very reasonable, she’s smart. She won’t do anything irrational. Thus, he then asked, “Who made the first move?”
  • All at once, Matilda went silent. As such, the answer was clear as day. Shaking his arm, William shook off her hand from his shirt. “Were you trying to add to the trouble we’re in now? Well?” This question was uttered in a voice far louder than he’d used earlier.
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