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Chapter 343 Kicking Her a Few Times

  • Sophia took a bite of noodles. “What is there to clarify? You want me to say that I pretended to be still married to John for the sake of helping him out with the crisis over Infinity Group, but he was then caught red-handed with Isabelle, so we had to make our divorce public?”
  • Matilda was rendered speechless. “Sophia, are you feigning ignorance with me?”
  • Finishing the noodles in a few bites, Sophia then stood up with the bowl in her hands and looked at her. “Yup, I’m feigning ignorance. However, it seems that you’re truly ignorant. How are you so thick-skinned to come and seek me out? The previous time, you swore right here that you wouldn’t implore me for help. Why, you’re going back against your word so soon?”
  • Sneering, she turned around and walked toward the kitchen. “Also, you should act like it if you’re here to beg me for help. What kind of attitude is this now? I’m already showing great charity by not talking smack about John. I’ve warned you not to provoke me. Otherwise, I won’t be able to control my tongue.”
  • Matilda closed her eyes for a moment, her fists cracking by her sides. All of a sudden, she recalled the scene back when she was forced to come and apologize to Sophia. This was the exact spot I stood in back then. My humiliation is just greater every single time!
  • When Sophia came out after washing the bowl, she noticed that Matilda was still standing there. She didn’t pay her any attention earlier, so she thought that she’d left. Going over to the coffee table, she took a piece of tissue and wiped her hands. “If there’s nothing else, I’m going upstairs to rest.”
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