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Chapter 339 Do You Miss Her?

  • Staring at Ian, Sophia encouraged, “Don’t worry because if anything happens, Logan will come to your rescue by hiring a bunch of ghostwriters to clarify things for you on the internet through multiple fake accounts. In fact, there’s nothing a good ghostwriter can’t solve at this digital age.”
  • Logan guffawed, “She’s damn right.”
  • Sophia had a lot of fun during the dinner; her life wasn’t affected too considerably by the viral news on the internet about her divorce with John.
  • However, things were different for John.
  • Zack was asked to meet him at Constance Residence and the two of them opened one whole bottle of wine each in the dining hall.
  • In fact, Zack was not in the mood for drinking but he had no choice but to drink with John seeing how moody he looked, which was an expression Zack had never seen on him before.
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