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Chapter 332 Everyone Sympathized With Her

  • John said he hadn’t had his breakfast yet. Letting out a sigh, Sophia suggested, “Why don’t grab a bite before you go? Food is almost ready anyway.”
  • John put down the suitcase by the door and answered without hesitation, “Okay.”
  • While Sophia returned to the kitchen to prepare breakfast, he waited at the dining hall. Sophia was wondering why he was so wishy-washy when it came to moving out of the place but so decisive when he decided to divorce her.
  • When the food was ready, she brought it to the dining hall. Seeing that John was not in a great mood, she decided to stay quiet. She had prepared a simple breakfast consisting of sausages, eggs and two sides.
  • When she was in the kitchen just now, she thought about how he only had bread and milk for breakfast, but she decided to prepare the simple spread anyway since there wasn’t much work to it and, at the same time, she didn’t want to pamper him. Which was why there was no bread and milk. If he didn’t like it, he could leave it. To her surprise, he actually ate quite a lot from the food she prepared this time. She was unsure whether it was because he was just famished because he had skipped dinner last night, or it was because she had become a better cook.
  • After finishing the meal in silence, John went to the kitchen to do the dishes but was stopped by Sophia immediately. “You don’t have to do that because I can handle it later. I shouldn’t trouble you to do that for me.” That sentence immediately placed an enormous barrier between them.
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