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Chapter 330 What a Stubborn Fool

  • Sophia nodded. “I see. Now I’ve got the rough idea of their stance.”
  • The Baileys must have known that playing along with John’s plan might not be a very effective way to salvage Isabelle’s reputation.
  • In fact, the public didn’t give a damn about the truth because they were more inclined to believe their own assumptions and they had a strong appetite for dramatic events.
  • Sophia didn’t feel like continuing their conversation because talking wasn’t going to get the business done.
  • She rose to her feet and declared, “Actually, John, I’ve been thinking of announcing our divorce to the public too. The decision hasn’t got anything to do with other matters because I really don’t think it’s right for us to continue pretending that we’re still married. The earlier we face the music, the earlier we might be able to settle the problem.”
  • Sitting on the sofa, John didn’t respond to her.
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