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Chapter 321 Mistress of the House

  • We’ll be able to hit two birds with one stone, she concluded silently. Spinning her head, she peered at the bedside table which had its lower drawer slightly open. With just a look, she could tell immediately what was inside. Opening the drawer slowly, she revealed the divorce certificate and agreement in it. Her eyes scanned over it and she knew what she should do next.
  • A little irritated, John went over to the window and lit up a cigarette. “I’ll take care of this matter, but the direction of the news online is unclear now, so I need to wait a little more.”
  • Striding over to him, William said, “I’ve instructed people to find out if there’s anyone behind this. If this was planned…”
  • Watching the both of them closely, Mrs. Constance reached out and took the papers out of the drawer. In a swift move, she quickly stuffed them into her handbag and stood up. Pretending to look around, she then walked to the bathroom entrance. “Oh, so this is the bathroom,” she said and went in.
  • Both the men didn’t think much of it. John offered William a cigarette as they both stood by the window and discussed this incident on the Internet. As the news had come out all of a sudden, it was hard to tell which media was the first to report it and that made the investigation a little tricky.
  • While they were deep in discussion, Mrs. Constance came out and walked around the room before returning to the bed and slipping the papers back into the drawer. Then, she pushed the drawer closed and smirked, feeling relieved in her heart. It didn’t matter to her what the men were discussing now, so she went out to the top of the staircase on the second floor, where she could see Sophia watering the flowers in the yard. Sneering silently, she thought, Good for her, looking as though nothing happened. Well, since this incident is obviously unfavorable for John, of course she’s happy about it.
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