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Chapter 320 Visitors

  • Recently, it seemed as though everyone’s life was getting boring, which was why they would nitpick on everything that happened. It was the same for Sophia who had nothing on her hands, so she read through all the news including the comments.
  • The news reports were all along the same line, either saying that John cheated or he was just being dishonest. In the comments section, some mentioned that John and Isabelle might truly be in love, while others said that John was just a dishonest person to begin with and maybe the rumors on Infinity Group before might also be true. In conclusion, the comments toward John were not kind at all.
  • After spending half the day looking through the comments online, Sophia thought of refuting them anonymously but she had no idea what to say. So she dropped the idea, threw her phone to the side and lay on her bed. Yesterday, she didn’t sleep well and she was actually dozing off now. From the looks of it, it seemed that she had completely given up on her relationship with John. She dozed off and slept until the early evening, when she was woken by hunger.
  • Scrambling out of bed in a daze, she went downstairs into the kitchen and prepared something she thought to be the most convenient—boiled dumplings. A second after she plopped the dumplings into boiling water, John returned home. Sophia looked outside and saw that he had changed his car again.
  • What a rich man indeed, she thought to herself. But having said that, it seemed that she would have a new subject soon. When she received her driving license, she would also be a car owner. Seeing that he was coming in the direction of the living room after getting out of the car, she quickly averted her gaze and kept her attention on the dumplings in the pot.
  • The moment John stepped in, he saw her and stared for a while, seeing that she seemed to be in a rather good mood and was even singing. He heard from Zack saying that she had called him to ask about the news on the Internet, so it really looked as though she wasn’t affected by this incident at all. No matter who he was with or where he went, she didn’t seem to mind. Sneering with that thought, he then went upstairs.
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