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Chapter 315 Logan and His Poker Game

  • Sophia then replied, “Ian will be here soon.”
  • That caused Logan to sit up instantly. “Which means that John is the only one left. Quick, call him and ask him to come over now. My poker table can no longer wait.” He was obviously excited. While speaking, he suddenly stood up and headed into the room. “I’ll wash up and will be back soon.”
  • Sophia quickly said, “I’m not joining. If you want to have a game, invite the players yourself.”
  • With a pause, Logan turned back to look at Sophia, “Hey, you…” Despite that, Logan quickly went into the room, leaving the door open. Through the door, Sophia saw that Logan took his phone and dialed a number. After a while, the call was answered and it was followed by Logan’s loud voice. “John, come over to my house. It so happens that everyone is free and there’s one more seat left today.” While saying, Logan looked at Sophia.
  • Sophia couldn’t hear John's reply. At this time, Logan added quickly, “Today’s Sunday, right? You’re not working either. Come on, it has been some time since we last sat together and played poker.” With that, he stopped in front of Sophia and turned on the loudspeaker, allowing her to hear John’s reply.
  • On the other end, John said, “I’m not free today so I can’t make it.” As soon as he said that, Isabelle’s voice came from the other side, “John, try this. It’s delicious.”
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