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Chapter 313 Reason for the Divorce

  • After a while, John slowly said in a low voice, almost a whisper, “Perhaps I’m out of my mind.”
  • The music beside them was too loud so Logan didn’t hear him clearly. It was just the two of them, hence John and Logan didn’t book a room because it would be too quiet. Therefore, they continued to sit there and chat. Logan was never one to let the atmosphere cool down so he brought up all kinds of topics. On the contrary, John wasn’t the talkative type, so he would normally listen to Logan.
  • Time passed as they chatted and drank, and it was Logan who ended up being the first to collapse. He couldn’t even speak clearly and he blacked out in the midst of speaking. Right at that moment, John felt a hand touching his shoulder. He turned around to stare at the person before smiling. It was a beautiful woman; one who was even more appealing than Sophia.
  • Seeing his smile, that woman smiled as well. “Hey handsome. How boring it is for two men to drink alone.”
  • John straightened and replied to the beauty, “Thankfully, you’re here.” In the past, other than the occasional remarks he made when in bed with Sophia, he had never said such frivolous comments. John knew that he was indeed not in the right state of mind today. These unreasonable thoughts drove him crazy and out of control. The woman gave him a coquettish smile and leaned in. Closing his eyes, John felt thankful that she wasn’t wearing any pungent perfume.
  • Meanwhile, Logan was bent over the bar, mumbling. He couldn’t stop blabbering even when he was drunk. That woman’s hand was still on John’s shoulder, slowly caressing him. “Your friend seems drunk.”
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