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Chapter 312 A Bit Off

  • Logan was surrounded by a few women and judging from the way they dressed, they seemed like regulars in the bar. Logan looked delighted, happily joking and flirting with those women.
  • On the contrary, John wasn’t in a good mood and felt agitated just looking at the crowd. With a long face, he went over and got a glass of wine from the bartender. Then, he turned to look at Logan. “Have you been waiting long?”
  • Before Logan could answer, a woman beside him leaned over. She held a wine glass and said with a smile, “Oh look, another handsome man came. A friend of Young Master Jefferson’s, I presume.”
  • John dodged to the side, not letting the woman make contact. Jokingly, Logan asked, “You’re finally here, John. What’s wrong? You don’t look happy.”
  • John let out a breath while looking at that woman. “What perfume are you wearing?” He looked mad when he asked that question and those with any sense would definitely understand what he meant. Therefore, Logan laughed and said to that woman, “Mr. Constance is not just anybody. He only uses high-end products so he can’t stand your cheap perfume.” Then, Logan waved at the women and said, “All of you shall go. Honestly, my head’s spinning from the stench.”
  • The women exchanged an awkward look and turned to leave unhappily. Logan then took a sip of wine and asked, “What’s with the angry face? Who offended you?”
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