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Chapter 306 Collaborating Partners

  • After a pause, Sophia looked up at Dylan. “The construction has officially started but I’m not sure how long it will take for the renovations to be completed. I bet it won’t take long since the shop isn’t huge.”
  • Dylan rested his hands on the table. “What will you sell? Have you given it a thought?”
  • The question sparked Sophia’s enthusiasm and she nodded. “I’ve done research on the internet and saw plenty of desserts. I think that it’ll work once Robin and I test it out. Honestly, I can actually pick up the rest when I’m in the kitchen.”
  • Dylan raised his eyebrows and asked, “Really?”
  • Sophia answered seriously, “It’s true! Oh right, you haven’t tried my cooking. Actually, I think they’re quite delicious, if I may say so myself. Just ask John if you don’t believe me.” She then turned to look at John and ask, “Am I right?”
  • “Yes. It’s delicious.” John nodded in agreement. He wasn’t sure what secret ingredient Sophia added in the food but he could clearly taste that it was indeed amazing when he tried it earlier in the dining room. It wasn’t because the others tasted bad but perhaps he was just used to that particular taste.
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