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Chapter 301 My Sufferings Were Worth It

  • Sophia’s performance was impeccable today. The Third and Fourth Constance Families usually didn't interact much with the Main Constance Family, yet now they were now looking at Sophia with rare smiles.
  • Upon receiving the second piece of cake, Sophia passed it to Isabelle.
  • Her explanation was that Isabelle was a guest who should be served first.
  • With an innocent smile on her face, Sophia put the plate of cake in Isabelle's hands and added, “If you are free, come here often to accompany Mother. She likes you."
  • These words were equivalent to a slap across Mrs. Constance's face, which sounded unpleasant to Isabelle at the same time.
  • Looking at Sophia acting all innocent, John almost wanted to give her a standing ovation.
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