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Chapter 278 The Street Market

  • Sophia felt sorry for Logan upon hearing that. For some reason, the unreliable Logan would always say something to make her determination waver. She took a sip of the sugary water but didn’t like the taste. “Just call me when you want to come to such a place again. I will make time to accompany you.”
  • After hearing her offer, Logan directly came over and draped his arms around her shoulders. “See, Sophia is my true friend. I knew our friendship is worth it.”
  • Ian walked over and took down Logan’s hands. “Don’t worry. I’ll accompany you as well when I’m free.”
  • Logan giggled and said, “Both of you are my true friends forever.”
  • Sophia smiled without saying a word. After that, they continued walking and bought many things. As a generous man, Logan would immediately buy anything that Sophia had her eye on. Reaching the end of the street, Sophia became full as the men were holding bags that carried the things they had just bought. Certainly, they couldn’t keep walking with so many bags in their hands. Therefore, Logan made a call to his chauffeur and told him to come over.
  • While they were waiting for the chauffeur, Sophia directly crouched down on the roadside since she was exhausted. Imitating her, Logan crouched down as well. Seeing that, Ian smiled and said, “It will be weird if I don’t crouch down with you guys.”
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