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Chapter 277 Performing a Song

  • Standing beside Sophia and Ian, Logan said solemnly, “After what happened to the Morgan Family, Ian had gone missing, so I looked for him everywhere. Then, I heard that some musicians had formed a band and started performing here. I thought that Ian was one of them and came to search for him. To my disappointment, he was nowhere to be seen.”
  • Sophia and Ian were startled. She shifted her attention to Logan and realized that the latter’s expression was serious. The said band members were now performing a rock song, which made the atmosphere lively.
  • Knowing the period of time Logan was talking about, Ian directly said, “I had already left this place at that time.”
  • Logan mumbled, “I figured it out later.”
  • Gazing at them, Sophia never asked what happened, for it must be a bad enough experience to force Ian out of this place. She didn’t have to give it a thought to know what would make Ian leave his family, considering the Morgan Family’s situation at that time.
  • Ian waited for the band members to finish the song and walked over. Standing from afar, Sophia couldn’t make out what Ian was saying to the band members, who then nodded and passed him a guitar. Remaining on the spot, Ian started playing the guitar and singing a love song. Since he was handsome and his voice was wonderful, the crowd started moving closer to enjoy his performance.
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