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Chapter 276 A Casual Chat

  • Ian didn’t know the situation his mother was in as well. After giving it a thought, he replied, “In fact, she still loves singing. She took part in a drama a while ago to get more funds to release her own songs.”
  • However, not only did she fail in her singing and acting endeavors, but her life had also gone downhill after chancing upon Bryce Morgan.
  • Since she has aged now, she must be under a lot of pressure to perform.
  • Not knowing the details of the story, Sophia remarked, “I think she’s a brave woman who ignores her haters and does whatever she likes. So what if she’s old now? Everyone will grow old one day.”
  • Logan agreed, “That’s true. I may not have her determination when I’m at her age.”
  • Sophia was amused. “Don’t underestimate yourself. Your shamelessness is more powerful than anyone’s bravery. With it, you can also do whatever you like.”
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