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Chapter 269 The Aggressiveness of Third Young Lady Jefferson

  • Sophia mulled over it and sighed. “Indeed, an average person like me can never understand the world of the rich.”
  • The technology was high-end, but she could not see a practical use for it. No matter how real the hologram looked, it was still a projection at the end of the day.
  • She turned around to look at John’s hologram and tried her best to ignore the light spots on him to focus on his figure. The hologram had no expression, but it looked way better than John.
  • She stared at it for a little longer before looking away and sighing inaudibly.
  • Logan showed her more. The high-end device could build more than human holograms. He could even build holograms of any architecture in a city, including the vehicles and greenery.
  • That would mean that he could entertain himself with the device by building a microcosm of a city at home.
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