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Chapter 266 Burning Jealousy

  • John guffawed. “When you went out with Dylan, you must have carefully selected the cufflinks as his gift to Uncle Owen. Why do you look so dismissive when it’s my turn?”
  • “How could you compare yourself to Dylan?” she replied without thinking, and John immediately sank into silence.
  • Sophia paused and debated if she needed to explain herself. She had meant to say that she was not close with Dylan and had to entertain him out of courtesy. As for John, she had an intimate relationship with him and therefore was comfortable enough to dismiss him.
  • However, when she walked to the bathroom door and peeked toward the bedroom entrance, John had turned around and left. She was surprised that he left after hearing her remark. That jerk.
  • She stood there for a while before entering the bathroom to wash her face quickly. Then, she went over to the window and looked out. From her position, she could see the window of the living room if she looked down.
  • The living room was plunged into darkness, which meant that John was not there. He must be in his own room.
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