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Chapter 258 Bumping Into Dylan

  • Sophia lost interest soon because she didn’t understand what the interior designer was doing. After waiting for a while, she said to Zack, “I’ll get the key replicated and give it to you so that you can come in directly next time.”
  • Zack laughed and mocked, “Why don’t you just give me the shop?”
  • Sophia shot him a stern look. “Dream on.” With that, she waved her hand and left the shop. Not knowing where the keysmith was, she could only walk along the street and keep searching. Having been here before, she remembered that there was an alley where there were many stalls. Not in a rush, she looked around and suddenly bumped into a familiar person before she managed to find the keysmith.
  • In fact, she wasn’t so close to the person, who was the Second Lady of the Constance Family as well as Dylan’s mother. In the past, she had to call her Aunt Jennifer. However, Jennifer was obviously disdainful of Sophia. When they gathered at the Constance Residence in the past, she would always ignore Sophia as she wasn’t even willing to look at her from the corner of her eye. Therefore, Sophia didn’t want to say hello to her at that moment. She had already divorced John, thereby severing ties with Young Lady Jennifer. In that case, they were no different from strangers now.
  • Pretending that she never saw her, she kept walking forward. A moment later, someone called out loudly to her from behind, “Sophia! Sophia!” It was Dylan’s voice, which she was familiar with. At that instant, she couldn’t pretend that she never heard him, therefore she could only halt her steps and turn around.
  • At that moment, Dylan was already standing beside Young Lady Jennifer, who was looking at her emotionlessly. For John’s sake, Sophia drew a deep breath and walked over. Since she was now the Young Mistress of the Constance Family, she had to conform to the family rules.
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