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Chapter 255 What Are the Baileys up To?

  • It meant that John didn’t have to sleep beside Sophia, as he could sleep in any room.
  • The thought upset Sophia, but she understood that it was normal because he didn’t like her.
  • When breakfast was ready, John walked over and said that Zack would bring an interior designer to the shop that afternoon to get the accurate measurements. When the draft was ready, it wouldn’t take long before the renovation began.
  • Sophia nodded. “Thanks.”
  • John raised his gaze and took a look at Sophia, wondering why she became polite suddenly. He thought that she was only good at making him angry. After that, they fell into silence.
  • In fact, the situation they were in was similar to the time before they got divorced. It was just that Mrs. Constance wasn’t present at the moment.
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