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Chapter 247 Incredible Fate

  • William nodded. “Yes, do join us for lunch. What a coincidence that you’re here, Sophia! You should join us for lunch as well. You didn’t manage to join us the other time, so this is just the perfect timing.”
  • Beaming, Sophia didn’t decline but agreed right away. “Sure.”
  • John walked over and stared at her. “Let’s all go together, then.”
  • Isabelle’s gaze swept over them, but her expression remained unchanged. After putting his work away, John then left with Sophia and the others. When they entered the elevator, John and Sophia stood far back. Meanwhile, William and Elder Mr. Bailey stood by the doors, making small talk and bringing up the collaboration again.
  • Sophia couldn’t understand a single word, so she leaned close to John and asked in a murmur, “When did you leave this morning? I was too tired that I didn’t even notice you leave.” She was initially a tad shy about last night’s incident since they were divorced, after all. While they did have intercourse a few times in the past, those were all inevitable due to some external factors. Last night, however, was the real deal because they were both sober and conscious. Thus, she was a touch embarrassed and didn’t know how she should face him.
  • But now that Isabelle was right beside them, she was no longer concerned about propriety. Her sole focus was on getting under Isabelle’s skin. Although she’d lowered her voice, Isabelle could naturally hear her when John could do so since she was standing on the other side of him.
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