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Chapter 233 A Plan

  • Sophia knew what she must do. Even if she kept attacking Isabelle, that wouldn’t stop John from falling for her. So, not only must she keep the attack on Isabelle active, she had to make John fall for her simultaneously. However, that fact made her despair. “Talk is easy. We got married for nearly a year, and he still didn’t fall for me. What do you expect me to do now that we’re divorced?”
  • Zack glared at her. “So what? You’re still living together, so you still have a chance. You’re still married in the public eye, so there’s more you can do. Be like water.”
  • Sophia thought about it for a second and understood what she had to do, so she nodded. “I know what you’re getting at.”
  • Zack was satisfied. “Good, good. Take a rest then. Think of what you should do. I believe in you.” He then went out and closed the door.
  • Sophia sat on the bed and looked at her feet. Since John and Isabelle had many chances to get along, it would be easy for them to fall in love. I have to sabotage it then.
  • Sophia was seen as an evil woman anyway, so she would stop that b*tch, Isabelle, from getting what she wanted. Nevertheless, she wasn’t sure if John would fall for her. She did try, but to little effect. It even made him hate her more. So, she scratched her head in confusion, for there were too many things going on at once.
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