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Chapter 226 Did You Hit Him?

  • The trip home didn't take a long time. When John's car stopped at the entrance of Ian's house, the sound of cursing could still be heard from the inside. Breathing a sigh of relief, Sophia cracked her knuckles and was ready to rush inside. However, John gave Sophia a look. “You behave yourself. Let’s go inside first and see what’s going on.”
  • He had just finished saying this when Logan rushed out, appearing to be even more anxious than Sophia. The front gates of the Morgan Residence were closed, so Logan went over to the gates and kicked them. Then, he started cursing, “Sean, Simon and Sally Morgan, and… what’s her name again? Oh, yes, Leah Zimmerman. All of you, come out! What did you do to Ian? I’ll have you know; if there’s even a single hair out of place on his head, all of you will answer to me!”
  • Sophia put her hand on the doorknob and frowned abruptly. The last time she followed Ian to the Morgan Company, Sean had Ian’s position changed on the spot because of her. However, Logan should be the one whose words carried more weight, so why didn’t Sean treat Ian better for Logan’s sake? She couldn’t understand this. After Logan yelled a few times, someone had come out from the house, who seemed like a servant. That person turned around and went back to the house upon the sight of Logan.
  • Sophia and John also got out of the car and stood at the door. While Logan punched and kicked at the iron fence gates, yelling non-stop, Sophia stared in the direction of the living room. After a few minutes, Ian came out from inside. He didn't look like there was anything wrong, judging from his expression as he came over to open the gates. "Why did you all come to my place?"
  • Logan looked at Ian up and down. "Are you okay? Have they beaten you? They’re your family, so it would be difficult for you to lay a hand on them. Leave it to me. I'll take care of them for you."
  • Ian sighed. “It’s okay. Nothing happened.”
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