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Chapter 224 Illegitimate Child

  • Hearing footsteps coming from the stairs, John said directly to the phone, "I'm busy here right now, so I'll be hanging up."
  • After speaking, he hung up the phone.
  • Sophia wore shorts with suspenders and white sneakers, while her hair was tied up in a ponytail on this day, making her look charming and energetic.
  • As John's gaze fell on Sophia, it took a while before he looked away. He only realized now after they had divorced that Sophia’s appearance had changed too; she seemed to look a lot younger.
  • He tried hard to remember how Sophia looked before, but he couldn’t remember it clearly. Nevertheless, all he remembered was her dull personality, looking depressed everyday, which made her appear older than her current self.
  • Sophia looked at John. "Let's go. I'm all ready."
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