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Chapter 211 Let's Be Friends

  • He couldn't stay here, so after John had greeted everyone here in the private room, he went over to his own private room with Isabelle.
  • As Sophia stared at Isabelle's back when she left, she let out a laugh, which caused Isabelle to turn halfway and looked at Sophia when she had just reached the doorway.
  • Sophia pointed her middle finger right at her, causing Isabelle to be taken aback, her expression turning ugly. Then, she turned around and left, looking quite angry. She probably never would have imagined that Sophia would be so blatant by making such an unseemly gesture.
  • Everyone in the room saw this action of Sophia's clearly. When Isabelle's figure was completely out of their sight, Sophia burst into laughter. Logan also laughed, and he was laughing even harder than Sophia. Ian, who was at the side, shook his head helplessly, while Robin seemed a little confused; she couldn't tell what was going on.
  • After a few laughs, Logan gave Sophia a thumbs up. "Sophia, I like your style. You are very much like me."
  • Sophia snorted at him, as if she was looking down on him.
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