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Chapter 210 A Fight Behind the Scenes

  • Isabelle was the first to come inside. "Since we had met just now, I wanted to come over here to say hello."
  • Looking up and down at Isabelle appraisingly, Logan didn't show an obviously upset look, but he clearly didn’t look welcoming as he chuckled and replied, "Miss Bailey, why are you with John today? Were you two discussing business?"
  • Isabelle remained unperturbed. "Yes, there were some work matters we needed to talk about."
  • Nodding slowly, Logan said, "No wonder you two got together."
  • Meanwhile, Sophia simply sat there without moving or talking.
  • Ian stared at Isabelle for a while, then he smiled. "Mr. Constance, I didn’t expect to meet you here. Sophia is here as well. How about you come in? It would be weird if a married couple like yourselves are separated into two different rooms."
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