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Chapter 205 An Eccentric

  • After exchanging glances, Sophia and Robin walked over to the table. None of them showed a fear of losing money as they sat down in an upright posture. While Logan was sitting idly just a few moments ago, he was suddenly full of vitality as he pushed all the cards into the auto card dispenser. “Come, I’ll be distributing the poker chips. Don’t worry. I’m not looking to win your money over. All I wanted is the fun of it. I’ll even treat you to a lavish meal later on!”
  • Sophia tried to suppress a laughter as she figured that Logan should have been pitted against Mrs. Constance, as the latter was also addicted to the game. There were times when Mrs. Constance would gather her friends in the house to have a go at the game, but Old Mrs. Constance didn’t like gambling, so she could only either play it once in a while, or find an excuse to leave the house so that she could meet up with her friends outside to play. In fact, Sophia would bet all her money that it would be a fun show to watch if Logan and Mrs. Constance ever got to play together in a game.
  • The four of them began the game after the chips were distributed. Sophia and Robin were total rookies who didn’t know much about the game. Not only did they not realize when they won the game, they would even actively provide their opponents with a winning card. Meanwhile, Ian seemed to be able to hold himself in the game, which contributed to his multiple wins.
  • Logan was the biggest winner of them all, but he had a hard time sitting still throughout the game, and would go through multiple postures in one round, looking like a fidgety monkey. As he was sitting across from Sophia and next to Robin, he conversed more with Robin.
  • Despite casting a glance at Sophia, he was speaking to Robin. “Don’t you feel like a third wheel whenever you’re with those two?”
  • There was a pause in Sophia’s motion while Ian lifted his head to look at Logan, but Logan didn’t seem to care as he shifted his pose in his chair with a giggle. “I have to commend his taste to have found himself such a beautiful girl.”
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