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Chapter 197 Give No Chances

  • Sophia took a nap during the afternoon before going on a grocery trip in a nearby mall when it was about time, for she was running out of food ingredients. As a token of her appreciation, she planned to cook him a lavish meal, so she didn’t only buy poultry and fish, but other types of seafood too.
  • She set down to work as soon as she arrived home without checking the time, while she worked on until the skies turned dark. After the soup was ready, she stretched out her limbs to relieve herself of the exhaustion from all the labor.
  • Upon checking the time, she figured that John should be done with work by then, so she served everything on the table before sitting down to wait for him. She even rehearsed her thank you speech for when he got home.
  • Sophia prided herself in being a fair person, so she would repay him after he helped her out despite having some unhappy memories with him. Half an hour was spent with her leaning against the back of her chair, but John was nowhere to be seen.
  • If her memory served her well, she recalled Zack having told her that John had quite a lot of free time recently. She wondered if he was getting busy again since the scandal with Infinity Group was almost settled. After licking her lips, she spent more time waiting, but John didn’t return home.
  • Eventually, she lost all patience, thus she gave Zack a call, which he picked up almost instantaneously. Judging from the background noise, he was watching TV when she called. John would usually have Zack come along if he had matters to tend to, but it sounded like Zack was at home.
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