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Chapter 196 To Thank Him

  • As soon as the landlord began making compromises, Zack also softened his attitude. They were told that the duration of the rent would depend on the rates of the rent, as it wouldn’t do to sign a few years’ contract, only to have the rent go up during the consequent years. It would result in a predicament wherein the renter couldn’t afford the rent, yet they weren’t allowed to sublet it as well; nobody in their right mind would agree to that.
  • The landlord somehow took on a more easygoing attitude as he promised to not increase the rent as long as they agreed to settle into the place long term, as well as check on the market rates if he had to increase the rent.
  • John held his gaze on the landlord for a long while—so long that the rest of them were beginning to feel awkward about it—before sitting down once again. “We can look into it if that’s what you intend to propose.”
  • Relief washed over Sophia upon hearing that, and she was feeling fortunate to have Zack and John’s aid, or else she would’ve been swindled by the landlord. As she cast a glance at John, she felt more reassured all of a sudden. Her presence wasn’t required throughout the rest of the negotiation, as she had a hard time understanding anything at all despite having been sitting there since the beginning. She thus walked over to the counter, only to find Robin sulking behind it. There was a pout on her face as she said in a low voice, “I must’ve been swindled.”
  • Sophia lowered her voice as well as she replied, “I was nearly swindled too. I never knew there are so many complications involved.”
  • Robin cast a glance at John’s direction before asking, “How are you related to that guy? He seems to have a dominating aura, and he is rather intimidating when I just saw him.”
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