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Chapter 191 Look on the Bright Side

  • John’s car was nowhere in sight when she woke up the next morning despite how late she woke up. It was thus she couldn’t determine if John left after coming home, or if he spent his night elsewhere. She turned to leave her spot by the window with a scoff to enter the bathroom to wash up, then she left the house for breakfast as she didn’t want to cook.
  • In the restaurant, she took out her phone to check on the news, only to realize things had undergone a huge transformation after a mere day of her not checking up on it. There was a plot twist to the scandal of John’s infidelity as his company released footage retrieved from the hotel in Tri Asel.
  • The footage revealed that Sophia had indeed been with John, and both of them shared a room. It was also revealed that Miss Cox came to knock on the door of their room while in sexy attire, but John didn’t let her in.
  • Judging from the available material, they didn’t seem to reach an agreement at all. A few security personnel arrived at the scene after a while to seemingly take Miss Cox away, so there were conjectures of John having filed a complaint to the hotel management, which prompted them to send the security personnel. All in all, there seemed to be a discrepancy between what Miss Cox said and what actually transpired.
  • Well well, John had his company handle everything while he kept his silence, which would guarantee his own peace of mind no matter how awry things might get. Sophia clicked her tongue upon deciphering his modus operandi. He sure is one hell of a businessman who knows how to strategize.
  • Before leaving for the sweets shop, she made sure to put her phone away to finish her meal. Robin had finally opened shop, but she was cleaning up as there were no customers. A smile bloomed on Robin’s face when she saw Sophia. “You’re finally here! I was about to contact you, as I got in touch with the landlord last night. He will drop by today as he has some time to spare, so you two can meet up to talk about the specifics regarding the rent.”
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